How long will it take for us to be approved as Adopters?

We will complete your assessment within eight months from the time that we receive your formal application of intention to proceed.

How long will it take before we have a child placed with us?

This varies and depends on the match between the children for whom we are looking for adoptive parents and on the families available at the time you are approved.

I am still having fertility investigations, can I still apply to adopt?

If you are unable to have children because of fertility difficulties, and are currently undergoing fertility treatment, now may not be the ideal time to pursue an adoption application. However it can be an ideal opportunity for you to gather initial information about Adoption, particularly about the process and looking into the children who need adoptive homes.

Can I adopt more than one child?

Yes. We particularly need families who can adopt family groups of two or more children together.

What age would the children be?

This will be discussed with you during your assessment period. Factors that will affect the child’s age will be: your preference, your ages and the ages of any existing children that you may have. The age of child will not be specified in your approval, this allows discussion of a range of children when matches are being considered. Your own views will be very important in this.

Do I have to own my own house?

No, although if you rent your home we would need to be reassured that your tenancy is secure for the foreseeable future.

We are not married, can we still adopt?

Yes. The Adoption and Children Act 2002 allows for adoption by married couples/civil partnerships, unmarried couples, and single people.

What ago do I have to be?

You have to be over 21 years old to adopt. There is no fixed upper age limit, but we will take your age into account when we look at whether you will be able to parent a child through to adulthood.