Fostering for adoption

Fostering for Adoption places a child during the period of temporary Local Authority care with approved adopters who are also temporarily approved as foster carers.  If the court agrees that the child should be adopted and the adoption agency approves the ‘match’ between the carers and the child, the placement becomes an adoption placement.

What are the advantages of Fostering to Adopt?

  • The child/ren are placed with carers who may become their adopters, giving permanence at an early stage.
  • It avoids the damage caused by terminating temporary foster care relationships which the child/ren will have experienced as their primary parenting relationship.
  • It allows the early months and years of the child’s life to be what most children need and expect.

Is Fostering to Adopt right for me?

There are a number of things to consider about becoming a Fostering for Adoption carer. To start with you’ll be looking after the child under the direct supervision of the Local Authority so that’s something you’ll need to feel comfortable with.  Though it is highly likely that you will go on to adopt the child, that’s not a given so you’ll need to be able to handle the uncertainty of the situation. If the court doesn’t agree to an adoption plan, the child you’ve been caring for and undoubtedly formed a strong bond with may well leave your care.  So your ability to deal with stressful, upsetting or painful situations will be really important and, whilst we’ll provide as much professional support as you need, it’s also vital that you have your own solid support network. We’d ask you to think carefully and talk through various scenarios with your family and friends – Fostering for Adoption does bring its own specific issues, not least the uncertainty both yourself and the child will face about what will happen in the long-term. Your family and friends may wish to offer their own views and opinions to help you reach the right decision for you.

Remember Fostering for Adoption is still in its infancy and may not be available locally because the systems are not yet in place or there are no children to whom it might apply. This is expected to change quickly so it is worthwhile getting in touch to find out how we’re progressing with plans to fully implement Fostering for Adoption.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to chat to someone about Fostering for Adoption, our trained advisers would be happy to discuss it further with you.

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