Making an initial enquiry

If you think that adoption might be the right decision for you, then we ask that you make an initial enquiry to our Adoption Service. You can do this by:

We aim to respond within 48 hours of receiving your enquiry.

Please note if you are under 21, not have your main home in the UK or have serious convictions we are unable to progress your application.



We recognise that getting started on the Adoption process can be daunting and many people may not know where to go for information. Adoption reforms have committed to establishing First4Adoption, which is a new service for Adoption intended to provide a welcoming and informative point of access for prospective adopters. First4Adoption is just one way that adoption processes are being reformed in order to make sure that every child for whom adoption is the right answer is able to find a loving and permanent family without delay.

The first element of this service – an adoption helpline – is now up and running. As the system develops, it will help ensure prospective parents are directed to agencies, which are looking for more adoptive families.  Prospective adopters can contact First4Adoption on 0300 333 0022 or visit their website at