What support will you receive?

Adoption is an emotional and lifelong process that does not stop once the adoption order has been made. In fact, from your very first enquiry and throughout the whole process – and beyond – you will receive our full support, guidance and advice every single step of the way. Even when a child has been legally adopted, we are always a phone call away to help you.

Post adoption

Even when a child comes home to live with you, you will have the support of your social workers as you await the adoption order. Once the order has been granted, the social workers will usually withdraw to help you get on with your new family life. But we do offer a post-adoption support package to all adopters and at any stage in the coming months or even years you can ask for any additional support you feel you need.  We will offer you post-adoption training and invitations to social events with other adopters.

Other support

After Adoption is an independent adoption support service and Cheshire West and Chester Council have a contract with them to provide support, counselling and family work through a wide range of services. These services are available to adopted children, adopters and birth families.

For further information, call 0800 0 568 578 or visit www.afteradoption.org.uk/intermediary


Other useful resources

The British Association of Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) has offices throughout the UK and provides up to date information about all aspects of adoption. They also produce lots of useful publications and guides. Call 0207 421 2600 or visit: www.baaf.org.uk

Adoption UK is an adoption support agency that provides a range of services for its members, including a bi-monthly magazine and a library service. Membership is £31 a year and you can access the free online chat room at www.adoptionuk.org or call: 01295 752 240.


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Adoption is an incredible, life-changing and lifelong commitment for you, your family and the child or children you welcome into your heart and home. It is certainly not an easy process – it is a highly emotional time and you will have plenty of worries and concerns. But those will soon be forgotten when you reap the many rewards of bringing an adopted child into your family, for life. Bringing up any child has its ups and downs, as any parent will tell you. But once you have formed that unbreakable bond of love and commitment you will be able to tackle the bad times and experience the sheer joy of the good times just like every other family.

Let’s change lives together