Are you a private foster carer?

If you are privately fostering, or intend to do so, you need to call us on 01244 972222 at least six weeks in advance, or in emergency cases within four hours of the child’s arrival.

If you are entering into a private fostering agreement we need to know the following:

  • the name, sex, date and place of birth, ethnic and cultural background of the child
  • the name and address of the proposed foster parents and any previous addresses within the last five years
  • the purpose and intended length of the fostering arrangement
  • the name and address of the child’s parents or anyone else who has parental responsibility for the child
  • the name and address of any other person involved in making the fostering arrangement (eg any other agency)
  • the date the fostering arrangement is to begin or when it began

You also need to let us know once the child moves on and is no longer living with you.