Are you eligible to foster?

Life as a foster carer is a great adventure. You will be supported every step of the way by Cheshire West and Chester Council, you will make a real difference to the child; you’ll help them to grow in confidence and get through difficult times.

Fostering can be a challenge but when you foster with us you’re not only helping a local child you’re making a difference to your local community. And because no two children are the same, we need foster carers from all kinds of backgrounds.

Whatever your race, culture, gender, whether married or single, straight or gay the one thing you need to be able to offer is a stable and caring home.

Are you ready to help a local child stay local?

Every child who needs care is ‘looked after’ by their own local authority (in Cheshire West and Chester that’s Cheshire West and Chester Council) and it’s our responsibility to find suitable homes for them.

Why can’t they live with their families?

  • To protect them from abuse or neglect
  • Because of their offending behaviour
  • At parents request because of illness, family breakdown or behavioural difficulties

Because we know that most children do better in families than in children’s homes we’ve developed an outstanding package of support for our foster carers. And because we’re so confident in our support and training we approach our own carers first before going to an Independent Fostering Agency.

What our carers say

With Cheshire West and Chester you get a lot of help, training and understanding. Fostering is a life changing experience and words can’t express the emotion – it’s just something amazing.

We had some spare room, we could offer a home and we wanted to be able to make a difference to someone, it’s been positive for the whole family.

I want the children to have the chance to achieve, to be happy, have a stable home life and a positive future. Everything other children have, with Cheshire West and Chester Council we can make that happen.