Children’s case studies

Our stories

There are lots of different children that need foster placements in the local area. They all have different backgrounds and stories but the main thing that they all need is a safe and stable home and a family to look after them.

Some children in care will be able to return to their families but others will be unable to go home.  For these children a long-term foster family is often the best option for them.

Long-term foster families provide stability for a child, allowing them to stay with a family for a number of years or until they reach adulthood or are able to live independently.

Below are the stories of some children who are looking for long-term foster placements.  Could you help to change the future of one or more of these children and become their foster family?

James and Daniel

James and Daniel, aged 11 and 7, are delightful brothers who have a very close bond.  They want to make sure that they stay together as they grow up and are looking for a local family who can offer them a home.

They currently go to school in Chester, which they really enjoy and we would be looking to place them with a family within travelling distance of their school.

The boys are looking for an active family as they enjoy going swimming, for walks, playing football and going to Beavers and Cubs.  They have also asked for a family with a dog if possible!

Their current foster carer describes them as great boys to look after and, as well as being very active, have good routines.

The boys have made good progress since they have been in her care.  They enjoy taking part in activities, have friends and enjoy family life.

They could be placed with a family with older children but there would need to be a gap of a few years in age so that their needs can be met.


Edward is an energetic and bright 5 year old boy, who has blonde hair and a cheeky personality. He is keen to explore his environment and learn new things and enjoys a wide variety of activities including football, riding his bike, drawing and colouring.

He responds very well to structure and routine, so we are looking for skilled and experienced carers who can support Edward emotionally, understand his needs and help develop his skills.

After a difficult start to his education at his previous school, Edward now receives one-on-one support but with warmth and guidance has made tremendous progress, so it is important that he can continue to attend his current school.

Edward requires foster carers who have no other children or pets in order to provide him with the attention he requires and needs to continue to thrive.