Options for fostering

Welcome to the flexible fostering web pages. You can find out here what type of fostering would suit you.

Just down the road, there’s a local child who needs your help

Fostering with us can fit around your family, your commitments and your spare time. How and when you foster is up to you:

  • At the weekend or for a few weeks
  • For a few months or up to a few years
  • Longer term, or until they reach independence

There’s no ‘typical’ type of foster carer.

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Why foster with Cheshire West and Chester Council?

  • We offer “good” support for carers and their families (Ofsted Inspection, 2013)
  • We’re a non-profit organisation

Why foster with us instead of an agency?

All children in care are ‘looked after’ by their own local authority (ie Cheshire West and Chester Council) and it’s our responsibility as the local authority to find suitable homes for them.

When we are looking to place a child with foster carers we approach our own approved carers first because we have a good relationship with them and know that they are well trained and supported. We also know that the children will be able to remain in their local community and this minimises the disruption and distress for them.

If you are, or previously have worked as a foster carer with an agency it might be worth thinking about coming across to us, as we think our training and support is second to none and despite being a non-profit making organisation we can still match, or sometimes better your current payments.   Our full focus is on matching the right carer for each child.  Transfer from an Independent Fostering Agency (IFA) is easier than you may think.  Give us a call to discuss this.

Frequently Asked Questions about Independent Foster Agencies

Will I get more money by joining an Independent Foster Agency?

No. Cheshire West and Chester Council is able to compete and sometimes better the payments offered by Independent Fostering Agencies.

Will I have to wait a long time for a placement?

When we need to place Cheshire West and Chester children in care we first look to see if Cheshire West and Chester Council foster carers can provide a suitable match; only if we cannot find a match with our own foster carers would we seek to place children with independent Fostering Agencies. Foster carers in Cheshire West and Chester are always considered first and currently nearly all foster placements available are being used.

I am currently approved foster carer, how do I join Cheshire West and Chester?

You will need to inform your agency of your intention and then complete our enquiry form. We will then request permission from you to speak to your agency. Once that is returned we will contact the agency to view your Form F assessment.

As a Cheshire West and Chester Foster carer you will be allocated your own Social Worker who will support and guide you through the fostering process.